Migrant Digital Justice Toolkit

Digital rights are essentially human rights in the digital age.

What are your digital rights?

This toolkit is the fruition of ORG’s work in the Migrant Digital Justice Programme.

Our aim is to provide the migrants’ rights sector with practical information and advice on the impacts of digital technology, data, privacy and new technologies that are used for immigration control. This toolkit will provide definitive information and guidance on human rights, the law and policy thinking on these issues, as well as on how to challenge these threats to data rights.

We hope that by equipping migrants’ rights groups with information and practical know-how, organisations will be able to incorporate data rights work into their work, correcting new technological injustices through advocacy, campaigning and litigation.

The first chapter of this toolkit provides information about big data and tech for immigration control in a UK context. This is a living resource, and we are committed to working with our partners to add additional content. The second part of this toolkit (which will be published later this year) will look at the different types of technologies being used in immigration enforcement and what tools can be used to fight data-driven discrimination.


The use of data and technology for immigration enforcement is increasingly putting people who are already extremely vulnerable at greater risk.

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What are digital rights?

Digital rights are closely linked to our right to privacy and to freedom of expression. Many people are familiar with these principles offline, but the way they manifest online might look different.

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By equipping migrants’ rights organisations with the knowledge and skills to incorporate data rights work into their work and correct these new technological injustices through advocacy, campaigning and litigation.

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Digital Ecosystem

Understanding the digital ecosystem and how it is intertwined with human rights is essential to fighting for migrants’ digital rights.


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